I write stories and poems about nature, ghosts, adaptation, and survival. 
My writing process begins with ink on paper, but it is preceded by time spent reading many books and taking walks in gardens, along shorelines, and in art and archaeology museums around the world. I have a BA in history, an AAS in graphic design, and I love thinking and talking about how old objects tell stories and how history and the arts are relevant for a healthy society. 
Kelly Jo Anderson in Egypt with Sekhmet statue and a wall of hieroglyphs
I believe writing is a communication between an author and a reader about what it means to be human in a specific place and time. I reject all forms of writing produced through artificial intelligence, which is a shallow construct that will never be able to communicate what it means to be human, no matter how much data it steals from humanity.
I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with an adorable husband who makes a wicked latté, a daughter who is away at graduate school studying meteorites, and a fetching-obsessed cattle dog with an attitude. 
Please contact me with any inquiries about my work. 
Photo of fresco in Pompeii of a lady reading a scroll