Let the world float past  
your grubby habits.  
You are too busy 
to notice the change 
that walks past the house 
like the deer at night,  
snacking on the trees  
of your complacency.  
Go outside one day, 
see some thing amiss, 
but go back inside  
without asking why.  
Another day you 
can stumble on a 
rock in the center 
of your lawn and you 
can wonder how such 
a thing landed there.  
Instead, pray to the 
eternal blue sky. 
Do not look back at 
the yard and across  
the neighborhood and 
wonder where the trees 
moved and why you are 
living on top of 
a lifeless lunar 
surface where you swore 
you planted a lawn. 
Copyright © 2015 Kelly Jo Anderson.

First published in The Huron River Review, Issue 14, 2015, p. 24. 
(digital edition and limited edition paperback)